WomenTime! II International Women’s Film Festival of the Canary Islands is an online and in-person film festival that aims to visualize women as filmmakers. The project, apart from being innovative, as far as film festivals in the Canary Islands are concerned, is also part of the vindication of the situation of gender inequality that we live in today.

It is important to promote film culture and also to give light to national and international creators who are committed to telling stories through 24 frames per second. WomenTime! is a broadcasting channel that supports the most independent films made by women.

Our goal is to encourage the creativity of many female creators by offering this festival. To vindicate from creation is the essence of auteur cinema. Undoubtedly, a film festival of these characteristics will encourage women filmmakers to continue producing films inside and outside the Canary Islands. To participate in WomenTime! all productions must be directed or scripted by a woman.

This is the fourth edition of the Time! festivals. In the last edition of WomenTime! our participation success was online, where we achieved 5,700 views of our selected short films and more than 270 hours played. For a film festival of these characteristics, this is a fascinating success that we hope to improve this year. In addition, the festival had a face-to-face event that was broadcast via streaming, accompanied by a presentation by Dr. Hernando Gómez on women in film, a full house. WomenTime! has received congratulations from the participants and continued during 2021 organizing talks and programming cinema in Madrid, and different municipalities of the Canary Islands.


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